Industry Use-Cases of JavaScript

What is JavaScript ?

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language that’s used for web development, in web applications, for game development, and lots more. It allows you to implement dynamic features on web pages that cannot be done with only HTML and CSS.

Uses of JavaScript

1. Web Development

Advantages of JS

  • Regardless of where you host JavaScript, it always gets executed on client environment to save lots of a bandwidth and make execution process fast.
  • In JavaScript, XMLHttpRequest is an important object that was designed by Microsoft. The object call made by XMLHttpRequest as a asynchronous HTTP request to the server to tranfser the data to both sides without reloading the page
  • The biggest advantage to JavaScript having a ability to support all modern browsers and produce an equivalent result.
  • Global companies support community development by creating projects that are important. An example is Google (created Angular framework) or Facebook (created the React.js framework).
  • JavaScript is employed everywhere on the web .

Company Use-Cases






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